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Tip of the month:January
In the winter you should put white petroleum jelly on the bottom of your dogs feet to stop the snow from packing in between there toes or use doggie boots
Why Feed Raw

First and foremost, dogs are carnivores and are designed to eat animal protein and bones. The way their teeth are designed, they are meant to tear and rip flesh and bones. The shape of their teeth allows them rip and tear and swallow  their food, they are not meant to grind grasses and grains. Dogs jaws do not move from side-to-side in a grinding motion like a herbivores. 

The benefits of feeding raw include:

-Healthy skin and coat
-no doggy odour
-clean and white teeth with no odour
-helps eliminate food allergies like ( hot spots, dandruff, upset stomach, GI track problems)
-less waste, which means less to clean up after your  dog since there are no fillers in the foods
-Dogs can absorb more nutrients in the foods

Therefore, its best to feed the species appropriate food and fresh clean water all the time along with plenty of exercise to have a healthy dogs.   

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